Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will it be square?

Always a worry for us novice knitters, will it be square?  My knitting is usually about as square as well, one of those potty mouth teenagers I so often have the pleasure teaching.  I'm currently knitting a 20cm square for our school who are joining in a "Born to Knit" drive, making baby blankets which will be shipped to mothers in need.
I know this is no baby blanket, but I urge you to check out this sight for some very creative graffiti kniting.  Hmmm, one day I might get beyond the square and start on a tree?  Maybe it's more up my alley (or street).
I do love these street signs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inked up Another.

Last weekend I did my second and final lino printing workshop at the WEA Newcastle.
I had a lovely group of ladies, all from different walks of life, but all keen to spend a Saturday learning and creating.
As you can see here during the design and carving stage, they had their heads down and were deep into the 'zone'.
There were no cut fingers and lots and lots of prints.
This was a really nice chincolle version of the robin.
Mother of three Jane, came up with her own cute little birdy.
Kim came up with this Japanese inspired print.  She later told me about her late uncle who was an artist and his advice on learning how to draw.  He said 'copy, copy, copy - then distort, change it and make it your own!'  I agreed (luckily).  Her Uncle was the late Brett Whiteley
And this hand was created by a student who came into the class very definite about her lack of abilities in anything artistic.  Hmmm?
It's good to spend a day with some grown ups in the classroom.