Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owls in February

The Brown Owls were hooting last night in Nords Wharf.  There was plenty of talking going on, conspiracy theories abound and life in general featured a mention.  All while we were busy creating.
So what did we do?  Well, we did more colouring in.

Caree did this one with oil pastels.  Very nice.

Others also enjoyed the colouring in, and some knitted.
Next time we'll put those drawings to good use.

I sat quietly for a bit, read the latest Frankie magazine, and then did a bit of applique, enhancing a screen print which I did earlier this month
(I know - I don't usually appear in my own blog!).

I even found a couple of 'ufos' in my craft box that I thought about finishing, including this little fellow below. Half felt, half material, half finished.
Next time perhaps.

Wow what a busy couple of days.  Always great to stop and take the time to listen, talk, and create. Hope you're getting the time to do the same. I recommend it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hopefully, just hopefully this hot, humid weather is almost over. I thought I'd let the following images sum up my weekend.  As you can see we've been inside in the air conditioning almost all weekend.

Dress ups, haircuts, and lino prints. Pretty much in that order. 

I'll see you at The Brown Owls this Tuesday night. 
We're hoping to do more colour work.  See you then.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dream weaving

Don't you just love a good op shop find? 

Yesterday I found this vintage basket at my local Vinnies, woven out of plastic.  It reminded me of an old bassinette.

I especially loved the groovy contact on the bottom. 
All for the pricely sum of $2.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Which Woof?

I've been doing a bit of drawing this week, trying to come up with an 'Arty Dog'.   Not sure what he/she should look like yet, but here are a few sketches.

Thought this one looked a bit sad.

Had to have one scratching.

And here's a couple that Miss Beatie did.

Not sure which way I'm heading yet, just thought I'd see what others out there in blogland thought?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colourful Night

There's nothing like opening a new pack of colour pencils. 

It was a colour-a-thon at Nords Wharf Hall last night. How long has it been since you sat down and coloured in? Well last night the Brown Owls of Nords Wharf spent two hours colouring in (and talking of course).

We thought it was time to go back to basics and help people understand how to use colour, and to do this we thought 'why not do some colouring in?'. 

  There is also a lot of uncertainty about different materials (the drawing kind) and how to use them, so we brought along oil pastels, water colour paint and chalk pastels too.

And of course there was some yummy food.
It was a very therapeutic and relaxing way to start the year.

Hopefully we can motivate and teach parents some new skills so they can go home and teach their kids.
Spread that creativity!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice Work.

My friend Caree sent me an email recently directing me towards the work of Tamar Mogendorff

As Caree said 'It is a bit of a different take from the stuff I have seen before and really like it.'  I couldn't agree more.  Take a look.

Love the dogs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot, hot, hot, not.

Ahhh, Mr Buster has arrived! Mr Southerly Buster to you.  Where have you been all week?  Why did it take you so long to visit?

The hot, hot weather (40degrees!) has finally disappeared for a bit and I've finally started blogging again.  Sorry I've been a little quiet.  Just been busy and soooo hot.

I'm still a bit addicted to the toilet roll piece I'm doing.  I must come up with a more attractive name for it though.  It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And just a reminder, the Brown Owls ARE back this Tuesday night at Nords Wharf Hall, Marine Parade, Nords Wharf, 7-9pm. 
We are planning a colour 'back to basics' using oil pastels, water colours and pencils.  Come and see some demonstrations, have a colour-in, or bring your own craft & art. 

See you there.