Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colourful Night

There's nothing like opening a new pack of colour pencils. 

It was a colour-a-thon at Nords Wharf Hall last night. How long has it been since you sat down and coloured in? Well last night the Brown Owls of Nords Wharf spent two hours colouring in (and talking of course).

We thought it was time to go back to basics and help people understand how to use colour, and to do this we thought 'why not do some colouring in?'. 

  There is also a lot of uncertainty about different materials (the drawing kind) and how to use them, so we brought along oil pastels, water colour paint and chalk pastels too.

And of course there was some yummy food.
It was a very therapeutic and relaxing way to start the year.

Hopefully we can motivate and teach parents some new skills so they can go home and teach their kids.
Spread that creativity!


Adriana said...

I love 'colouring in'...
It's the best thing ever!

And I agree - so therapeutic.
You can totally lose yourself when you do 'colouring in'.
Especially with a lovely new pack of colour pencils!!!

kjfcaz said...

It was a great night! It is such a simple, cheap and easy way to spend time being creative. Arty Dog had the great idea of writing her name and age on her creation and putting it on the fridge next to the kids work.

Leigh-Ann said...

this sounds so fun, I love coloring too and find it really relaxing :)
xo, LA

Tania said...

Looking at the New Pencils shot and I'm sure I can smell 'em! LOVE the whiff of new pencils...