Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owls in February

The Brown Owls were hooting last night in Nords Wharf.  There was plenty of talking going on, conspiracy theories abound and life in general featured a mention.  All while we were busy creating.
So what did we do?  Well, we did more colouring in.

Caree did this one with oil pastels.  Very nice.

Others also enjoyed the colouring in, and some knitted.
Next time we'll put those drawings to good use.

I sat quietly for a bit, read the latest Frankie magazine, and then did a bit of applique, enhancing a screen print which I did earlier this month
(I know - I don't usually appear in my own blog!).

I even found a couple of 'ufos' in my craft box that I thought about finishing, including this little fellow below. Half felt, half material, half finished.
Next time perhaps.

Wow what a busy couple of days.  Always great to stop and take the time to listen, talk, and create. Hope you're getting the time to do the same. I recommend it.


Handmade said...

What an amazing bunch of talented and beautiful people you all are!!

the arty dog said...

Awww shucks! Thanks Handmade. We are missing you greatly.