Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello String Bikini!

Yeah baby!!
As usual I was rummaging at my local Vinnies and I found this 'Sew'n'Save' booklet. At first I had a bit of a laugh, but then I thought how cool they are.

I've photographed the pattern just in case you're interested in making it.

I did like the fact that the models actually looked normal.

If only I could follow crochet patterns, and if only I was
about 20 years younger!

Love to hear from anyone willing to have a go at making one.


Adriana said...

I remember these!
I'm sure they'll be cool again soon... fashion has a tendency to be recycled.
Great images! Love that swimming cap.

kjfcaz said...

I have vivid memories of my red and white striped crochet bikini and thinking I was soooo grown up and cool with it on. Could have a go at doing one for the girls. I love the orange one!

Handmade said...

Go for it Louky - you could wear them!!!

the arty dog said...

Thanks for that vote of confidence Handmade. And I too love the orange one - go for it Caz! I'll give you a copy of the pattern. If anyone else out there is interested contact me and I'll post you a photocopy.