Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big Beach Bag

Here's my first foray into bag making and it's a whopper! 

If you're a regular follower you would already know that I made most of
the bag last week at Brown Owls.  All I had to do at home was make the lining, put a pocket on the inside and make and attach the handles.  You might also recognise the materials - some screen prints, some vintage materials and lots of chenille.

I sooo needed a new beach bag as our old bag was very ugly
but very useful because of its size. 
It's hard to get a bag large enough to fit up to 5 beach towels!  
(I could almost fit one of my children in here as well).

1 comment:

kjfcaz said...

It looks sooo cool. The ARty Dog's will be looking very funky at the beach.