Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at work.

You know you've had a great day at work when you come
home (from working at the weekend) thinking "I love my job!". 

Today I spent the day with seven lovely ladies teaching them how to lino print at Newcastle WEA.

As you can see they were a very talented bunch of ladies.

And so productive.

All had little experience (only in high school) with lino so I was very happy with the results.  I think they were too!

All experimented with colour by using chincolle method (printing onto tissue paper).

 And as you can see there were lots of different designs and styles from birds, trees, flowers and fish.

The next class is on in May, so checkout the Newcastle WEA website.  Thanks ladies for a great day.


ltaylor1 said...

Thank YOU Loukey! We all enjoyed the class so much and I think a few of us are HOOKED!

the arty dog said...

Thank you Lisa. It was great to be teaching such a keen bunch of learners! Loved your fish too.

kjfcaz said...

WOW! These look fantastic. A credit to them and you.