Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good enough to eat.

Had a bit of an 'edible art' day today.  Pasta isn't one of my usual materials to create craft with but I was asked if I could help come up with some art & craft ideas for my local Primary School (grade one & two).

The theme is about 'wet & dry', what happens when you change something such as placing uncooked pasta into boiling water?  
So I took the most direct path and went with the pasta and did this quick and easy star.  Here's how you do it.

1. Cut out your cardboard star.

2. Add some food colouring to pva glue.

3. Glue the spaghetti on to the cardboard.
(It doesn't matter if it overlaps a little on the sides as these are easily cut off with scissors when dry.)
4. Let dry for a couple of hours. Then trim off edges with scissors.
I then put a hole in the top with a needle and threaded through the string.

Here's a spaghetti monster that Miss Beatie did for another variation.

No, wouldn't recommend eating it, but hopefully
easy enough for those little fingers to prepare.


Adriana said...

Great idea!
Love that spaghetti monster.

kjfcaz said...

This takes me back to my HSC days when I used cooked spaghetti in a some abstract drawings for my major work. The effect is great and I am sure the kids at school will enjoy making them. Great job James and Beatie