Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Little Things Big Things Grow.

Well I'm not long home from the first Nords Wharf Brown Owls meeting and couldn't wait to get the photos up.  What a great night and a nice way to spend an evening!

We had a lovely group of ladies, (and James).  There were seven of us (plus two junior owls) and we all had different interests and abilities which was great and just what we were hoping for.

We are aiming to be an organic art and craft group, and network with other arty, crafty types so we can continue to learn from each other.

Our first 'activity' was to do a group prayer flag.  Everyone was given a piece of canvas to create their own take on the Brown Owl group. Carrie had worked hard prior to the meeting and brought heaps of material, all colour coded!  So we had lots of supplies to use.

Anyway enough talk here are some of the photos.

I think we could have all stayed another hour as the time went by quickly. Looking forward to the next meeting which is on Tuesday 12th October, 7-9pm.  Hope to see you there!

Would you care for a slice?

I've gone back to an oldie but a goodie, the Delando Crescent Cook Book of Slices.  (Bargain price too!).

This is one recipe I decided to cook last night in order to feed the crafters who turn up to the inaugural Brown Owls meeting. (In case you've forgotten it's tonight at Nords Wharf Community Hall, Marine Parade Nords Wharf - just 5 minutes south of Swansea).

And here's the result.

Free food?  Yep, all that crafting is hungry and thirsty work.  I've got no idea exactly how many will turn up, maybe half a dozen?  I'll let you know tomorrow how things go.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ideas for others.

It's been a busy weekend organising the inaugural Nords Wharf Brown Owls meeting.  My friend Caree and I have been coming up with a vision and hopefully some fun and creative ideas for Tuesday nights. 

One of the ideas I would love to do is a lino printing workshop in the coming weeks. 

This is a woodblock print I did a little while ago.  I chose to show this print because it looks a bit like how I'm feeling at the moment - not quite sure where I'm heading, but enjoying the journey all the same.

Hopefully we'll see a few of you there.

And if you were wondering about the response to the two paintings I did for my friend?  Well she loved both of them! Phew. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Brown Owls

After reading about the Brown Owls at Meet Me at Mikes, my friend Carrie and I decided to organise our own chapter at the Nords Wharf Hall. 

Brown Owls -  Inspiration and Conversation
It's a not-for-profit group for adults who want to learn new skills, show their talents, meet new people, finish a 'ufo' (unfinished object) or just get away from the kids for a couple of hours!

The Shelbyville Brown Owls described it as "essentially it's a "craft + chat club" where girls regularly meet up and bring along their crafty projects to work on while they chatter. How lovely does that sound?  Originally started in Melbourne, the concept has caught on, and now interstate (and maybe even international) chapters are popping up so that crafting girls everywhere can soon join in the fun."

I'm hoping to get a variety of talents and skills - and personalities too. 

So if you're a local, it's on at the Nords Wharf Hall, Marine Parade Nords Wharf, our first meeting is Tuesday the 28th September, 7-9pm and we hope to have fortnightly meetings. 

So why not come along, have a cuppa, and realise your crafty potential!

See you there.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If at first . . .

I'm not sure if I have succeeded yet but I did decide to do another painting for my friend.   I enjoyed doing the first one so thought why not do another - give her two to choose from.

This time I chose to do something from her beachside environment. 

It's a banksia seed pod which I've abstracted a little. I've tried to stick to the same colours that she asked for.

I've almost finished and hopefully I'll show them to her this weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for a bit, but I have been working on a painting for a friend.  It was a swap; a painting for 10 months gym membership. 

The pressure has been on!  All she said was that she wanted something to 'match' her decor which is in browns, reds and off white.  When I asked for some direction in subject matter she replied that she liked landscapes.  Well, I'm not a landscape painter, so I've gone with a pattern I've used for my screenprints - just elaborated. 

I've used old music sheets for collage as she used to be in a marching band when we were at school together, and I thought that it seemed appropriate.  I'm a bit nervous about showing her though as it ain't no landscape!

Most importantly I have enjoyed doing it.  Better make sure I use that gym membership.