Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ideas for others.

It's been a busy weekend organising the inaugural Nords Wharf Brown Owls meeting.  My friend Caree and I have been coming up with a vision and hopefully some fun and creative ideas for Tuesday nights. 

One of the ideas I would love to do is a lino printing workshop in the coming weeks. 

This is a woodblock print I did a little while ago.  I chose to show this print because it looks a bit like how I'm feeling at the moment - not quite sure where I'm heading, but enjoying the journey all the same.

Hopefully we'll see a few of you there.

And if you were wondering about the response to the two paintings I did for my friend?  Well she loved both of them! Phew. 


Handmade said...

I've recently joined FaceBook and I put it on as an event there - it may be worthwhile for you to do the same -(you may be already on it???) anyway, everyone is on it and word will soon spread. You could maybe also put a flyer up at Block and Roll Fabrics at Belmont and the Belmont Patchwork Heart and maybe even The Moderne in Swansea - love that shop! Anyway, I'll be there with my sister in law, Kim! Cool lino prnt!

the arty dog said...

Thanks for the advice Handmade. I too love The Moderne shop in Swansea - they should make a documentary about those two women. I got my first bra from that shop! Look forward to seeing you. And yes I've been getting alot of hits on the Brown Owls page - thanks.