Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Full Moon, Owls Out.

The full moon was out last night and so were the Nords Wharf Brown Owls.

This week we did a number of creative things including lino printing, yo yo making, a bit of applique and bag making.

New member Judy brought along her carved lino and printed up this amazing Margaret Preston inspired print.

We finally worked out what all of those circles were for - yoyos.  Yes, lucky Caz bought these a while ago from an op shop already cut out and last night made a few yoyos herself. (Sorry I didn't get any pics!)

I've started work on another bag.  This time I'm after more of a satchel so I spent the evening matching fabric and doing some applique. 

Another great evening spent catching up with new and old 
friends AND of course creating and making.  Two hours is never enough.

Next meeting we'll be making hanging mobiles and bags. New members are always welcome.

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Handmade said...

All looks great - Yo Yos of course - how funny!