Saturday, June 11, 2011

Will it be square?

Always a worry for us novice knitters, will it be square?  My knitting is usually about as square as well, one of those potty mouth teenagers I so often have the pleasure teaching.  I'm currently knitting a 20cm square for our school who are joining in a "Born to Knit" drive, making baby blankets which will be shipped to mothers in need.
I know this is no baby blanket, but I urge you to check out this sight for some very creative graffiti kniting.  Hmmm, one day I might get beyond the square and start on a tree?  Maybe it's more up my alley (or street).
I do love these street signs.


James said...

Hi Louky, been a while since your last post, hmmmm.
Just lettting you know my new blog is
Come and have a look. James

James said...

Hey Louky, get of your butt and post something up here. There 9 followers craving your next utterance. Don't leave us by the wayside...