Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Chenille.

About 5 years ago my Mum (& her friend Helen from Vacy) went to Queensland and bought Miss Beatie back a pair of chenille shorts.  At the time there were very few about and of course I thought 'I could make those' (as you do). So over the years I went about buying and collecting old chenille bedspreads. 

Talk about unfinished objects - or should I say 'unstarted' objects! 

So this week during a lull in the holiday festivities, I finally whipped up a new pair using a cream and a checked pink.  I also attached a screenprinted design I did during my first foray into screenprinting.

I even put one of the bedspreads on Miss Beatie's bed! I think I'm re-living the 70's where my sister and I each had one, mine was green, hers a reddish pink.  What about you what did you have on your bed?


kjfcaz said...

My Chenille was green too! But it was my dressing gown.

Handmade said...

Great shorts / pants - love the applique - you have a lovely stash of chenille - well, mine was two tone orange - I really don' t think anyone would want it today!