Friday, June 11, 2010

B for Bea

Well the wall above my daughter's bed was looking very plain and dull, so I made this soft, giant B.  It hangs from the wall and looks kind of wierd, but she likes it.  I thought about doing it flat, but decided to stuff it!  Thought perhaps she could pin some objects to it in the future?

I've used some vintage floral material (ie old from the Vinnies), and an old tablecloth that my mum was going to toss.  The most expensive part was the stuffing! 


Georgie said...

Love the B! = Fantastico = nice material!

caz said...

This is great. Beatie could take it off the wall and use it for a cushion too!
James you look very handsome in your blog photos.

Handmade said...

Any B that you can poke your face through is good! Love it!