Saturday, June 5, 2010

butterfly art

Well I've been 'experimenting' with my son James.  Nothing too sinister, he's has just been my guinea pig.

I was asked if I could come up with some art ideas for our local preschool. In particular some artwork that they can 'hang up', make the place look a bit more creative.  Hence the butterflies.  This was a task that I did with Miss Beatie and her lovely friends during the school holidays and it seemed to work o.k. 

So here are the step-by-step photos and instructions that I have done for the preschool.

Step 1: Paint a piece of paper using different colours.  Watercolour works best.

Step 2: Let dry.

Step 3: Then draw a circle and a square on the paper.  They both need to be similar size.  Try to use the whole piece of paper.  (I like to use a plate to trace the circle.)

Step 4: Cut both out.

Step 5: Fold each shape in half.  The square should be now a triangle.

Step 6: Open out again, then concertina fold (like a fan) each piece.

Step 7: Then fold each one in half.  Now open up.

Step 8: Fan out each side/shape.

Step 9: Join the 2 pieces together using string, or pipe cleaner.

Step 10: Finished.  Ready to hang. 
Here's one that Miss Beatie did previously and proudly hangs in our home.They can be further decorated with glitter and other nice papers.


Megan Vin said...

Love the addition of pipe cleaners. Great instructions :)

caz said...

My daughter made one of these with Louky and they look great.