Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretentious? Moi?

Well I've been working on a painting over the weekend.  Horrible weather, which means I get to do some art.

This painting of the poodle took a lot longer to paint than my other pieces.  I think because it's the first whole dog painting. (Still needs a bit more work).

When I do the painting my whole family like to have some input as to what the 'words' should be, or often shouldn't be.  The 'Pretentious? Moi?' came from my husband.  For anyone out there who is interested, it comes from an episode of Faulty Towers where Cybil is telling a joke and at the end she says 'Pretentious? Moi?'. 

Anyway I think it suits the poodle pretty well.


Megan Vin said...

haha! She has poodle hair too, (almost) well it was the 80's.
Nice one!

Georgie said...

Love the connection with Cybil from Faulty Towers! Can't wait to see all your other paintings!