Sunday, November 7, 2010

And then a card.

Well, another busy but great weekend. A mix of weather, great to see.  Mine began with my son's 4th birthday on Friday evening, a visit to the RSPCA on Saturday (to look for a dog), nippers on Sunday morning and then off to Bunnings to help out at the preschool fundraising bbq.  I'm amazed at how many people love bbq sauce?

Anyway I still managed to get a little bit done.

After experimenting with the Christmas decorations, I thought I'd try sewing the lino printed bird onto paper that I handmade a few years ago.

I also did this one, just using fabric and the sewing machine. 

I'm hoping to make some more cards like this at the Brown Owls. It's been great to see people becoming excited (yes it's true!) about the Brown Owls and doing projects at home, or asking me what we'll be doing next?  That's exactly what we are hoping to achieve. 

Well, I hope you've had a great weekend too.  Can't wait to Tuesday night (9th November) for the next Brown Owls meeting, 7-9pm, Nords Wharf Hall.  See you there.


Handmade said...

You're a busy girl!

kjfcaz said...

This looks great. I look forward to getting the star one this christmas. lol

kjfcaz said...

Looking forward to Brown Owls and sharing my news about the Eveleigh Artisan Markets