Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plenty of Space.

Wedding anniversaries, relatives over from England, moving into a new home, getting back from holidays, about to go on holidays.  Well it was a quieter night last night and these are some of the reasons, but it was still soooo nice to get away ourselves, even if it was only for two hours.

We still had a very productive night.  Even Wendy came along with her newly broken foot!

Fiona finally got to print her striking 'leaf' and her art deco inspired designs.

For someone who hasn't done lino printing since about 1984??? WOW. They were pretty perfect.

James came along to enjoy the food, and tell us about the Newcastle Art Bazaar where you will get to see the handmade jewellery by his partner,
Clare Weeks.

Caree had a very productive night.  She worked on an owl softie, carved out two linos, then printed them both onto a t-shirt, and worked on her Christmas decorations.  I wish I had taken a photo of her t-shirt printing because it looked great.

I managed to do a bit more hemming of my tea towels on the sewing machine (yes, we even bring along a sewing machine!).

So another enjoyable night, and the best part is sharing what you're doing with others - and solving the problems of the world.

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