Saturday, November 20, 2010

tea towels

Who loves washing up!  Yah!  Nope, not me, but I thought I'd like to make some handcrafted tea towels to practice my screenprinting.

First I began with a stencil design I found via Kristen at domestifluff.

Then I bought a nice thick white single bed sheet from my local Salvos store, which I cut up, using an old tea towel as a template.
 And then I screen printed the kitchen utensil design using red ink.

Ta, daaa! 
I varied the amount of times I printed the image on to the tea towels, just to vary it a bit. Some have one set of cutlery, others four.

After a night of drying I then heat set the ink using my iron. 
I then hemmed each side. 
I am going to wash one just to make sure the ink doesn't come off. 
Who knows, perhaps they might make a nice Christmas gift?

And just a reminder . . .
we'd love to see all you arty and crafty
types this coming Tuesday night 23rd November. 
The Nords Wharf Brown Owls meeting is on again. It's from 7-9pm, at Nords Wharf Community Hall. 
Cost is a gold coin donation and we have plenty of materials (& chat) 
to get you started, or byoc.


Handmade said...

Cute tea towels! I won't be at Brown Owls this week - I've had a big 4 days in Sydney - lots of catch up to do.

kjfcaz said...

NOw I am curious about Handmades' adventures in Sydney and disappointed that she will not be at Brown Owls to tell us about them.
As for the teatowels - they look great and even better in real life.

the arty dog said...

We will miss you tonight Handmade - and thanks for the generous comments.