Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Learning

As I am approaching 40 (who me?) I realise that yes, I am still learning how to do most things in life just getting better at bluffing my way through it. 

 A bit of that goes on during a busy week away with the family.  This time we were spotting spotted quolls and snakes.  As usual I'm left feeling exhausted and the kids are always left looking a bit feral. But they love it!

I did manage to find time to do a spot of craft myself (no tv!).  I followed the wonderful step-by-step instructions by myrtle & eunice and made this
Steiner inspired Easter chick. 

Miss Beatie made the pink one with legs.

And Master James chose the colours for the brown chick with green wings.  I made this pink one using chenille and felt. 

So I am still learning, but I am enjoying teaching myself along the way.
If you're interested in learning more or sharing what you
know come along to the
Nords Wharf Brown Owls
tomorrow evening (Tuesday 19th April) at 6pm.
See you there.

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