Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up to the Tops.

What a better way to spend Easter than turning 40?  What a better way to spend it than hiking 20km up Barrington Tops with friends and family?  Well there were plenty of other things I could think of as I was actually doing it but I feel 40 and fantastic now.
I was so proud of Miss Beatie doing it without any complaints, and she was the first one to Careys Peak.

This was one of the blissful flat sections.

 Proud mother and daughter.
 Very proud of everyone including Angus, Cameron, Jake, Maurie, Jen, Miss Beatie and my Dad.
What a beautiful place.


kjfcaz said...

Congratulations! On the climb and the birthday. What a great memory this will be.

Handmade said...

Happy Birthday and WOW well done - great photos!