Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Year of the Dog.

Well I let another birthday slip by . . .  oops.  Yep, the Arty Dog has turned one!  I'm so glad I stuck in there and so glad my followers stuck in there as well - all ten of you (thanks).

This blog has helped me get my creative journey back on track. Sometimes this journey goes flat out, other times it hits a few bumps, slows down, then picks up momentum again.  Thanks for showing an interest and thanks for giving those helpful comments.  Always nice to read.

Anyway enough talking, more making, and here is my satchel bag which I made at three consecutive Brown Owl meetings. It was a mix of vintage table cloths and screen printing.
I used snoopy for the lining of course.

Speaking of the Brown Owls, next week Wendy is willing and able to show us how to knit.  Yes, she promises she will have us doubters knitting a scarf for winter in no time.  See you next Tuesday 17th May at 6pm. Bring your needles.

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Handmade said...

Happy Birthday! Good on you for blogging and keeping the Brown Owls alive! I love knitting, so I hope all you girls and guys really get into it!