Friday, December 3, 2010

The arty dog gets a dog.

I know, I feel like a bit of an imposter - calling myself the arty dog and not actually having a dog.

We've been without a dog now for about two years and after a long search, my daughter fell in love with a grey hound cross whippet, (which we called a 'grippet') at the RSPCA.  After two long weeks of waiting we found out she had a spinal injury and was no longer able to be adopted.

 We then found this little girl at Sommersby RSPCA

We haven't agreed on her name yet but she's a terrier cross, 12 weeks old and very sweet.

So after one night . . . well she now thinks all of those toys that get left on the ground are hers to chew, she hasn't worked out where to go to the toilet, she didn't make a sound during the night, and is very licky (and lucky).  So lot's of training to do, but we have our dog.

Just adding to the chaos!

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