Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

How good were you?

I hope you had a nice day. How exhausted are you?  We've had a late night, an early morning and it's now Christmas night. I can see an early night looming.

I'm now able to show you some of the gifts I bought for my mother and my niece (without spoiling the suprise) from Finders Keepers.

This is a colouring book I bought for my 18 year old niece, along with some nice new pencils.

Yes, I know buying a colouring book for an 18 year old might seem a little odd, but I figured she's just finished her HSC (Band 5 in art!) and it might be nice to just relax and add a bit of colour to these beautiful drawings without having to get too conceptual and theoretical. 

They're by flossy p and I loved her grown up colouring in book (and so did my niece).

For my mother I bought a really beautiful hand painted porcelain necklace from angus & celeste.  It was hard to part with but it did look very nice around mum's neck.

Well merry Christmas and I hope Santa was good to you.


kjfcaz said...

I agree with Rosie about the coloring book. I am loving mine.

Handmade said...

Great pressies! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!