Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finders Keepers

Today my friend Caree and I headed south to the Big Smoke to check out the Finders Keepers markets at the Carriage Works in Redfern. It was a great day out!

There were lots of stalls and interesting works.

I loved these Christmas Trees.  They were made from fabric shaped flowers which were padded and then attached to a chicken wire frame (it was also covered in fabric).

And we also did a quick workshop with Lisa from Paper Convention Collective.

Each hour they did a new activity.  We joined in on the paper flower activity.  You can see the amazing ones they had hanging from the ceiling above.

No, this isn't us, but it's some lovely young girls who were also enjoying the workshop and turned theirs into headwear.  It was a gold coin donation. 
How cool was that!

Speaking of cool . . . there was plenty of that.

And the coolest stall of the day was definitely these two ladies from Sirens Swimwear. They looked gorgeous.

We didn't try on any swimsuits but we did lots of looking and touching and 'ooohing'.  Porcelain jewellery and brooches seemed to be most common item that we saw.  Lots of children's book imagery too.

So because it was such fun, we thought we blatantly copy the paper workshop idea and do a similar thing this Tuesday night at the Brown Owls meeting.

Yes it's on again, this Tuesday night, 7th December, Nords Wharf Hall, Marine Pde, Nords Wharf, 7-9pm. 
 All we ask for is a gold coin donation to cover hall hire. 
Bring your own craft along, or join in on one of our many activities.
See you there!


kjfcaz said...

It was a great day out. It was a visual delight and left me overflowing with creative ideas. Not to mention the great company. The paper flowers are great and I hope people enjoy making them as much as we did.

Handmade said...

Looks fabulous girls - very inspiring - apologies again - I am teaching Tues night this week - have fun!