Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Owls

Paper rustling could be heard in the Nords Wharf Community Hall last night as we redid the paper workshop we experienced in Sydney at the weekend. Here's what we got up to.
Some flowers were made, joined and strung up.

 And there was more lino carving.

And we ate some of Wendy's fruit cake. 

Brown Owls Resting:
So as we are all well and truly aware it's the busy season so we thought the Brown Owls would have a break for the next month, and return late in January.
We are planning a parent & child craft workshop in January though. 
So I'll keep you posted!

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kjfcaz said...

I will be putting our paper craft ideas from Brown Owls into practice at work this week when we decorate the office. It will be a little different to the traditional decorations but just as effective.