Friday, October 1, 2010

B for Brown

I thought it might be nice to include the the words 'Brown Owls' in our group art/craft flag activity we started on Tuesday night. 

Caree and I discussed it and I've been allocated the word 'Brown', whilst Caree is doing 'Owl'.  If any of our other Brown Owls out there would like to do a letter that would be great - just leave me a message over the next couple of days. *Just an update: Thanks to Georgie who has offered to the letter 'W'.

I've started with mixed media for the first letter. I began by putting down collaged newspaper on the canvas.

I then used watercolour paint for the background, outlined the letter in oil pastels, and then used my sewing machine to go around the letter.

 Here's a close up of the detail. Still need to put an owl on there somewhere.

I guess I'm trying to show the alternative nature and talents of the Brown Owls.  I think I will do a lino print for the next letter.


Handmade said...

Cool! Can I do one? I'll do an "R" - unless you email me and say ...."STOP!!!"

the arty dog said...

Hi Handmade, have just emailed you to tell you to "STOP!!!". Only have the letters 'O' and 'n' available. They're going fast.