Sunday, October 17, 2010


Way back in July was when I first tried my hand at screenprinting.  Since then this material has been sitting in my material box just waiting to be used for some creative purpose.

So this afternoon after a day at the beach I was itching to do something creative and thought it was about time to get the sewing machine out.  I'm not the world's best seamstress but I really wanted to make something using my hand printed material. 

So I tried my hand at making this top for Miss Beatie.  It took me approximately an hour and a half, but I felt pretty pleased with myself as I didn't have to unpick anything! 

And as you can see Miss Beatie was pretty pleased with it too.


Handmade said...

Great work! It looks super cute!

kjfcaz said...

It turned out great. Beatie will have no worries about someone wearing the same top as her at the next school disco.